Welcome to The Art Retreat.

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We are all about art & creativity, doing some &  having fun through practising it.   When we are young we learn about our world through drawing, painting, making a mess (which seems organised in our heads) and building things.  As we grow we lose the confidence and perhaps the need to do so, forgetting the fact that we actually enjoyed making art in the first place.

The enjoyment in being/doing something creative is still there in each and everyone of us – let us help you to rediscover it.

In-studio, at events, at your office, at a festival, online, or in a pub – it doesn’t matter where or how, connect with us and let us have some fun and bring in some of that wellbeing back into your life and by extension those that you love.

Contact us anytime on info@samanthabarnes.co.uk or 07969 888 162 – we’re waiting for your call.

Much love

Samantha Barnes & Carl Stickley

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