Art meets Food, Food meets Fun, Fun meets Learning, & Learning meets Creativity.

We are a trained, creative bunch of artists and parents that specialise in running art workshops for children, families, adults, business & communities.

portraits in collage 2     Portraits in Collage 1

Owned and run by celebrated artist Samantha Barnes Artypops is about engaging creativity and encouraging everyone to have a go.  Absolutely no art skills needed, just a willingness to launch in.

We cover EVERY sort of event from 80th Birthday Celebrations to mega large ‘Family Art Days on the Farm‘ we can run them all.  This year see’s us running Family Drawing Art Workshops at Latitude Festival and running this years mega BIG DRAW event here in Woodbridge.  It’s so exciting!

If you have a do coming up during which you might like to keep the babes busy and engaged, let’s chat it over and we will send you a short proposal with suggested activities.  Email us at or call me on 07891 698 847.  We are happy to travel for events.